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 UNIVERSA® Soft Stent Multi-Length

UNIVERSA® Soft Stent Multi-Length

Model : USI-600-B

  • Manufacturer# : USI-600-B
  • Brand:UNIVERSA
  • Manufacturer:COOK
  • Fr:6
  • Length cm:22-32
  • Condition:New
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  •  UNIVERSA® Soft Stent Multi-Length


Universa stents are used to provide temporary internal drainage from the ureteropelvic junction to the bladder. The Universa Firm and Universa Soft ureteral stents combine premium features and the everyday advantage of a full product offering. Soft and firm options give physicians a choice of stent to fit their preference. Universa Soft offers a softer feel during placement and Universa Firm’s thermosensitive material is firm for placement but softens in the body.